Wednesday 7 December 2011

Harsh words?

How are we perceived by others?

The great poet Robbie Burns posed the question much more eloquently than me.... 

O wad some Power the gift tae gie us 
To see oursels as ithers see us!  

Most (might I venture all?) small business owners find it difficult to know how they and their business is perceived by others. So, how might we find out? And does it matter anyway?

Well, let me answer the second question first:
Yes it does matter - a great deal!
The way that you and your business are perceived is all part of your brand, whether you're a Virtual Assistant or Managing Director of a company employing a hundred staff; you are part of the brand. The smaller your company, the bigger the part you play!

I recently had the privilege of meeting with a business consultant for whom I have the utmost respect, and had the opportunity to ask for feedback on my business and the way it is perceived by others. It was quite an eye opening conversation because I hadn't realised quite how some of my activities were being perceived - there's that word again. Perception is the truth in the eye of the beholder. What she sees is the truth to her. Needless to say I started acting immediately! 

So, how do we find out what other people think?
The answer is right at the top of the page - keep it simple - ask! I know, this raises more questions;
  • Who do I ask?
    • Anyone you trust to be honest and constructive and who knows you and your company/services
    • People you meet regularly at networking events
    • A truusted business advisor
    • Clients
  • When do I ask?
    • At the end of a project/order/contract
    • A periodical survey
    • Over a coffee with someone who knows you well
  • How do I ask?
    • Make it part of your terms & conditions that feedback is given
    • A simple conversation
    • There are plenty of free survey sites on the internet
Whatever you do, keep it simple. People will soon get fed up with a survey containing more than a few questions, or will be very unhappy to have to write you an "essay". A simple short conversation or a request for a testimonial from a client will often reveal something of interest. And don't take it personally if they say something that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. The chances are you need to take action!

Having got feedback, act on it, otherwise, what's the point? By listening carefully and taking appropriate action, you can move your business forward. And maybe prevent your business going down the wrong route.

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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Welcome to our blog

Hi and welcome to the new i-tms blog.

If you're looking for the old blog, it is here

Why change? Well it was becoming impossible to use because it is so s...l...o...w !!

After much trial, error, blood sweat and tears and then thinking "bu**er it, I'll ask those in the know, I decided to give Blogger a go. Let's see how it fares!